Embellishments for Your Ring

Ways to Decorate Your Diamond Ring

There is beauty in a simple diamond ring. With just the gemstone and the band, the subtleties of a well-made ring come to the forefront. Decorations too have their appeal. Additional diamonds enhance brilliance. The precious metal that forms the band and mount can be shaped into countless forms.

A halo is a series of smaller jewels surrounding one or more larger diamonds. They’re commonly made of tiny round brilliants, though baguettes are sometimes used, depending on the shape of the bigger stone. With most rings, halos are mounted with prongs. On designs such as three stone diamond engagement rings, halos may surround the stones individually, or as a whole.

Trellises are a curved design found on the sides of rings. They start as ordinary prongs, but as they reach the shank, they crisscross one another. The effect looks like a mix between an X and a U. Trellises are found on solitaire rings as well as three stone diamond bands. On the latter, the combined trellises may resemble a series of rounded Ws.

Cathedrals are another twist to the prong mount. Instead of just placing a diamond on the band, parts of the shank rise up to meet the gemstone. When viewed from the side, the cathedral shows as two curved pieces hugging the jewel. Depending on the design, the area below the diamond is higher as well, placing the jewel on a pedestal.

Diamonds even smaller than the ones in halos can be mounted very close together. The effect is known as a pave setting, and looks like a ring covered in diamonds. Pave is used as side stones, to decorate the band, or in place of a single larger diamond. Pave wedding bands use pave either as the major design element, or as a way to place brilliance all over the shank.

Another way to decorate a ring is to carve designs on the band, also known as engraving. This is sometimes done on the inside of the ring in honor of a loved one or major event. The outer band may feature grooves, antique style designs, or a vine down the length of the ring.

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