Elizabeth Taylor’s Engagement Sparklers

Elizabeth Taylor was arguably one of the most talented actors of her time. Even today she is remembered for her infectious spirit on the sets. However, one other thing that this ageless beauty is remembered for is her priceless jewelry collection. Among other things, her collection included a stunning array of engagement rings that she are a reminder of her very eventful love life. The actress owned some of the most diamonds of all time, some of which were proposal artefacts from the many men who wooed her. Lets’ take a look at some of Taylor’s most mind-blowing engagement rings.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Engagement Sparklers

The 4 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring
From her engagement and later marriage to then heir to the Hilton Group of Hotels, Conrad Hilton, she received a precious gemstone engagement ring that carried a large 4 carat diamond ring curved in platinum. Valued at $10,000 at the time, the ring was an extravagant choice even for an engagement artefact. Although their marriage fell apart within 8 months, the ring went on to throw hints at her very sophisticated taste in fashion jewelry.

The Cabochon Sapphire Engagement Ring
From her second marriage which happened only 3 months after her first divorce, Taylor received a spectacular cabochon sapphire engagement ring. Now even in Hollywood, a cabochon sapphire engagement ring was a rare thing indicative of the rarer taste of its wearer. The ring carried a dome-shaped uncut sapphire stone. In contrast to the stone, the ring exhibited a rather faceted look. With her sapphire ring started a popular inclination for sapphires, which at the time was far less popular than diamonds.

The 29.4 Carat Cartier Engagement Ring
After her second divorce, Taylor was proposed a third time, this time by Mike Todd. But as fate would have it, Todd passed away in a plane crash the next year. However, the ring which he to proposed Taylor with was a spectacular Cartier engagement ring carrying a massive 29.4 carat, emerald-cut diamond rock.

The 50 Diamond Bracelet
Shortly after Michael Todd’s untimely demise, Taylor started a romantic relationship with his best friend Eddie Fisher. Fisher after getting divorced with his wife proposed to Taylor, but instead of doing it with a ring, Fisher picked a stunning diamond bracelet to ask her to marry him. The bracelet however was no ordinary one. Inlaid with 50 odd diamonds, the bracelet was a 40 carat statement ornament, another bedazzling addition to her flourishing collection.

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