The Elements of a Romantic Proposal

The entire event of a wedding proposal stands on a single column- the idea. The very plan itself is the bedrock of its outcome. It goes without saying that marriage proposals have the benefit of a celebratory appeal. The proposal alone can make the day, and how you do it is only the cherry on top. But, whatever your plan is, make sure that it does not foil the underlying sincerity and earnestness. However, there are some ways you can immunize your proposal from the chances of failure.


The Element of Surprise
First things first, the element of surprise is what makes the most profound impact. So, secrecy is paramount, even if it makes you look a little fishy and even shifty for some time. Do not hold that surprise for too long though, for nobody feels smug to peak over a solid brick wall in an attempt to reach their partner. If you think that you can tactfully get her to tell you the size of the fourth finger of her left hand without a flickering sense of suspense, then you have overestimated your social skill.


The Words Count
It’s not just the proposal, but also the delivery of it counts. What you say at the moment is the glue that holds every other thing in place. Try not to over-gloss the lines. Speak from your heart, and sounding like you’ve memorized your profession of love is a mistake you can’t afford. Breathe, but do not sigh, speak, but do not ramble. And shaky and sweaty hands are normal, but dropping the ring isn’t. So try to keep yourself calm. Confidence is the greatest strength when the favor you’re about to ask is this huge. Jokes apart, but be honest and sincere about what you say.


The Backdrop and Its Ambience
Even though it’s not exactly in the top place of priority, but the place and the space counts. Now, a lot of people like to do it in restaurants and commercial interjections. You could also do it in a library, but be courteous to not cause disquiet in a silent zone. You can propose on a hiking trail when the view around is romantically favorable. Wherever you choose to pop the question, make sure the place has the ambience facilitating the move.


The Mood of the Moment
Lastly, your date may last for a good 2 hours or more, but there would be only one moment in that entire span of time which would be ideal to make the proposal. So be wary.

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