An Elementary Tutorial Explaining Jewelry Shopping Especially to Male Readers


The insufficiency of knowledge and patience are the two key reasons why shopping for jewelry for a woman is not the first choice of a man. They either research too much ending up with too much information to process, or they push out within the first ten minutes feeling the lack of interest. Men, this is no rocket science. Neither is it punitive gauntlet. You just have to know the rules and you can consider yourself holding the map to a woman’s heart. You need to know the basics as a homework before heading out to find the right piece of jewelry for the special woman in your life.

Simplicity Is All It Takes
Petite and delicate are the two terms that make a formula of a good jewelry purchase. If you don’t know her taste fully, restrict yourself to the lite section. There are some elite designs that are unmistakably simple, but have a charisma that is hard to ignore. You don’t have to read about them in books and articles. You will know when you see one. So, keep it light and simple, whether the intended receiver is your mother, wife, sister or girlfriend.

Metal Match
Two-toned jewelry are setting the trend now. Your choices are precisely between silver and gold tones, and that makes deciding easier. The gold hue is warmer as compared to silver, but silver though neutral is a lot more sterling than the former. The best thing about a gradient style is that despite the warmth and cool of both the shades, they do not clash hard. In fact, yellow and white together create a lovely show of light and dark that makes for a catchy piece.

Symbolism of Designs
Immense symbols lay within the designs of ornaments and an artist’s creation attains success when it is shared with the people. Every symbol in designs has a meaning, and though cryptic, are naked to a pair of focused eyes. A simple example that might give you a basis of understanding is the shape of a ring. Why is it circular and never any other shape? It is not only because a circle fits a finger like a glove fits a hand. A circle has no perceivable start or end and that is how love is supposed to be. So, a ring that is a universal token of romantic bonding is symbolic of the loop of love that is beyond mortality.

In designs, leaves and flowers give pieces a natural theme while those that use geometrical shapes are meant to be abstract and very contemporary. These little in-between-the-line readings may help you find the perfect piece from a finite collection of jewelry.

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