Elegant Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

In the late 19th and early 20th century, most round diamonds were fashioned to display symmetry and sparkle, with limited results. Marcel Tolkowsky’s 1919 dissertation, “Diamond Design,” outlined the shape, facets and proportions necessary to create the optimal balance of brilliance, shadow and rainbows that make a diamond beautiful. Careful proportions allow light to stay within the stone, bouncing off of its many facets. Hence, the Round Brilliant Cut was born.

The modern brilliant cut has 57 or 58 facets. Several standards exist including the American cut and the Scandinavian. The more facets a gem has, the more it reflects light, both in its white form and divided into a rainbow. The shape is cone-like providing plenty of light to emerge from the stone’s top. Whenever a diamond is polished and cut there is always a weight loss even though with modern techniques, this has been reduced. Unfortunately, the loss is more often than not over 50%. If the original rough is an octahedron, then two diamonds may be formed from the one crystal.

Any diamond that has a top facet perpendicular to the bottom, along with as well as having its other facets aligned with excellent symmetry, may include patterns that resemble arrows when viewed from above, and hearts from below. Those who wish to see these plays of light may need to view them through a magnifying lens. Only specific types of round cuts display the hearts and arrows effect.

Due to their powerful fire, round brilliant cuts are one of the most popular types of diamonds. This type of stone makes a beautiful gift, and keeps its value throughout the years. When buying gems and jewelry in general, the purchaser’s taste will probably be prominent. Whatever type of gift you may be looking for, jewelry possessing a round brilliant will be treasured by its recipient.

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