Easy Guide for Buying Beautiful and Authentic Diamond Rings


Diamonds have always been the best friend for girls. And this best friend inspires us to flaunt them and become our neighbors’ envy. There is no better way to satiate your desire for diamond jewelry than getting yourself another one!
However, while investing in a diamond, it is vital that we make an intelligent choice which will help us to make the most of our jewelry. The 4Cs are the best and extensively used guide for the diamond aficionados to identify the best from the lot.

The following four Cs have been used by the industry insiders and professionals for a long time. Though there are numerous categories and classifications available in the market to identify the quality of the diamond, these 4Cs have been the primary and most handy tool to gauge the superiority of the diamonds. The 4 qualifications are highlighted below:

Cut: The cut is the basic and key component to understand the uniqueness and price of the diamond. A particular and professional cut ensures that the diamond offers higher sparkle and glow. And the higher the sparkle, the more expensive it gets.

Clarity: While in their formation period, diamonds generally contain some types of inner flaws that are technically termed as inclusions. The overall number, sizes and visibility of these inclusions will determine the clarity or the transparency of the gem. The lesser are these inclusions, the higher are the prices of the diamonds.

Color: The color is one of the most vital criteria that decide the grade and category of the diamond. A colorless diamond is the most precious choice as it offers more brightness and sparkle compared to the opaque – off white or yellow diamonds.

Carat weight: Carat being the unit of a diamond’s weight, it signifies that higher carat weight is about higher prices for the diamonds.

Apart from understanding the cardinal 4Cs, finding a reputable jeweler – traditional brick and mortar or an online retailer – is necessary. A qualified jeweler with the expert advice can help you choose the right ring within a budget. Having helpful discussions with your jeweler can get you moving at the right direction. Explore and see all different designs possible to achieve a clear idea about the ring you like.

Surprise your loved one with an astonishing diamond ring.

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