Four Earring Styles That Were Designed for Comfort

Earrings, as we know it, are an essential part of our everyday wear. While they contour our jaw lines making our faces look visibly prettier and sharper, they cause us discomfort at times. The pinch you feel at the back of your lobe every time you turn in sleep or cradle a phone is but a constant reminder of their presence. While most people accept them gracefully and carry on merrily without a care, others find comfort and relaxation in taking them off every now and then. If any of these sounds familiar to you, then switch to one of the styles below to get released from the everyday irritation.

Four Earring Styles That Were Designed for Comfort

Sleepers: As their name suggests, sleeper earrings are designed to make sleeping in them comfortable. They have very small hoops with a V closure that takes only a gentle snap to engage. The hoops are hollow meaning they are ultra-light and do not weigh down on the ear lobes. About the size and weight of a dime, sleeper earrings are the best pick for anybody looking for pieces that are easy to wear and take off and comfortable to sleep in.

Huggies: The second kind of earring that does not poke or pierce at any point is the Huggies. These little, light earrings sit snugly around the lobes hugging it loosely. Talk over the phone for hours, or take a nap on your couch, hug all so frequently or just keep feeling your earrings every now and then, nothing can beat these pieces in being absent, physically. They look smart and make their wearers look smarter, but to their wearers, they are as good as absent. You won’t feel like you are wearing something when you have they on.

Wire Backs: Another phone-friendly style is the wire backs. The open wire feels like nothing when pressed against the ears at the time of sleeping or phoning.

Lever Backs: Moving to bigger earrings like danglers, they can be comfortable too, if you pick the right style of fastener. The lever-backed style has made danglers so comfortable that you can even sleep in one and not know it at all. This style has a single wire that emerges from the base of the dangler and goes all the way to the back forming a loop where it meets a hinge. The clam shell like structure of this style offers better security and greater comfort.

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