Ear Cuffs: The Style Statement That Is Here To Stay

Women around the world are swinging out for the ear cuffs and ear wraps. Marketed as the new age earrings, these pieces are unique in their appeal. Models in ramps and celebs in red carpets are actively endorsing the coming of this unique style of ear wears by sporting them in many different designs and crafts. Available in gold, silver and platinum, makers are also taking an active interest in crafting their own exclusive collection of ear cuffs to pull the growing mass of customers. Still a novelty in the market because of their designs that range from femininely floral to whacky, you can make a style statement with just a pair of rare ear cuffs and the right dress to go with it. Here are some interesting ones to add to your collection.


Art Nouveau Floral Stream
A pair of vine ear clips makes the most timeless piece. This design borrowed from the era of French Art Nouveau is perhaps the mother of all ornament designs that use floral accents. This school of art drew inspirations from natural elements as flora, flowing rivers, running springs, and whatnot. This stream flower design is only a lending of the same concept. Only this design manifests to its best in a pair of ear cuffs because the twist of the vine has worked to cling to the outer ear in a perfect fit.


Game of Thrones Dragon
This piece creates the perfect illusion of a slithering, sinister dragon penetrating through the ear piercings to wrap itself smugly around the ear of the wearer. It’s not really gaudy, but because it is long, and covers most of the outer ear. This handmade piece is made of alloy silver to give it a blackish silvery tinge.


Gold Ear Hugger Tree Frog
The gold tree frog requires no pierces as it perches on the upper curve of your ears, its reedy fore and hind limbs clutching tight to the insides of the pinna where it gets a perfect fit. The piece has gold plating on surgical steel that explains the dark golden shine. Add a little sparkle with diamonds for the frog eyes.


Olive Branch
The olive branch replicated in sterling silver is another nature-inspired design that has both the feminine sophistication as well as the details of a rare design. It is minimalistic and because of the thin-as-spike leaves of olive trees, the design lacks the use of too much curves and turns. However, the designer makes up for it by bringing together two intertwined branches into each of the cuffs.
All of these pieces can be customized with loose diamonds of appropriate sizes to bring out the classy factor.

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