Dos and Don’ts for Wedding Jewelry

Putting together a suite that finishes off our wedding day outfit in the most complimentary fashion is no easy talk. It takes days of brainstorming and idea gathering before you can gather up the right pieces to accessorize a wedding gown. So, if you have found yourself wishing for a handbook of rules that tell about yes and nos of wedding jewelry, brighten up. This article brings together some crucial rules for wedding jewelry that, if applied well, can help you reach your desired choices.

Mix and Match New with Somethings Borrowed
The first rule to creating a smashing suite of jewelry for your wedding day is to mix new with old. It often opens up new possibilities and the result is, more often than not, visually gratifying. So gather up all your newly bought and heirloom treasures and start working on putting together the most awe-inspiring set of jewelry. For those who are lucky to have inherited their grandmother’s gemmy brooch, you are all set.

Skip the Neckpiece When Your Neckline is Asymmetrical
If your gown has an asymmetrical neckline, which by the way is in fashion these days, its best to think studs and tiaras. Don’t add a necklace to your outfit as that will totally unbalance the attire. Sorry necklace lovers, you can also choose one or the other.

Headpiece Should Echo the Earrings
If you are headed out to buy either of the two, make sure you have the other with you, because they make a pair, and it is absolutely crucial that one resonates the other. Ruby earrings with diamond tiaras will only throw the entire look off. So, try to pick something that best compliments the other, and that’s the reason why the presence of the two is necessary when buying for a sound judgement.

Mix and Match Finishes
Do not be nervous to add ornaments of different finishes into your wedding collection. Matt with high polish only elevates the final aesthetics of the set. Also, take into account the fabric finish of your gown when deciding on the jewelry finishes. Just for information, shiny is modern and classic while antique is vintage and rustic.

Colors Please
I strongly recommend introduction of colors in wedding jewelry. Thank me later when your guests swamp you with compliments about your overall attire for the day. Colors do an incredible job in lifting up the aesthetics of outfits and jewelry.

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