Dos and Don’ts of Selling Old Jewelry

There are some things that are absolutely essential to selling old and used jewelry, while there are others that must be avoided at all costs. Most owners who do not begin with reading a guide end up doing the wrong things. That ends in poor decisions and even poorer results. If you have managed to rake up a small pile from your jewelry box that can be sent away in exchange of their value in cash, here are some things that you must know. A good-size sale will follow if you do them as is or improvise as required.

Dos and Don’ts of Selling Old Jewelry

Reconnaissance Is Absolutely Necessary
Before you contact a possible buyer, doing a bit of reconnaissance is imperative. Go to a couple of stores and look around. See if they sell anything like what you have in mind for selling. If you feel hesitant to walk into stores just for checking their collection, do it online. Sneaking is easier through Internet and as long as it is ethical, you can call it research. Just go to their websites and take a broad sweeping look at the kind of jewelry they sell. With a little time in hand, you can peruse the collections of numerous stores within an hour. This is the best way to find a potential buyer for your discarded jewelry.

Make an Appointment before Showing Up
What most sellers do is show up without making prior intimation. That doesn’t help in brokering a good deal. Ideally, call the manager of the store up and make an appointment. Show up at the store right on time. Take your jewelry with you so that they can see for themselves the kind of wares you want to sell them.

Offer to Buy Something from Them
A deal is the sweetest when it’s mutually rewarding. If it’s something worth their time and interest, a jeweler will surely buy it from you, but to get their full attention, offer to buy something from their gallery in return.  Exchanging jewelry is the best way to recycle your old rings and pendants. They offer a price for the old ornaments which is then adjusted from the price of the new piece you pick from their catalog. In the end, it’s a win-win for both the parties. You get a substantive discount on your buy while they make some profit from the sale.

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