Things You Do Not Want to Expose Your Diamonds To

The diamond care literature may take you through an expansive list of procedures of caring for your diamond, but the point of what you must not expose them to do not get enough highlight. So, here is for you a mini diamond care literature that will help you keep your diamonds shinning and looking lovely at all time. Try not to expose them to a couple of things for they are not exactly friends with your dazzling beauties. More importantly, they are things that you might be using on an everyday basis without knowing the ways in which they can harm your diamond jewelry.


Things you do not want your diamonds exposed toSoap Scum
If you wear your ornaments to the shower, then it’s no mystery that it is losing its shine at a steady rate. There are two reasons for this. The first thing is that diamonds or any precious metals for that matter should not be exposed to moisture for longer than they absolutely have to. Hard water can be potentially abrasive to soft metals. Secondly, the soap scum from a shower finds an easy way to sit in the contours of jewelry. That creates a muck inside where germs can breed and may even cause skin infection if not cleaned for too long.


Cologne, Perfumes and Deodorants
Before you spritz the perfume behind your ears, make sure you have taken off your danglers or studs. Earrings are worst affected by chemicals from body perfumes and colognes. The back of necklaces is another worst affected part. Do not spray chemicals over your jewelry because all precious metals are reactive to abrasive chemicals. It may leave behind an unexplained stain that will come to visibility much later for a repair.


Makeup Products
The next time you dab the mouse around your neck, make sure you are not wearing your favorite diamond necklace. It is interruptive for a person making up to be wearing ornaments. Your brush strokes may end at your neck piece and it will leave you surprised to find how much of the makeup dust your jewelry end up collecting from dry makeup alone. Any makeup base products can leave the stones looking dull and shine-less just after the first contact. Wiping it off is not exactly as effective as you may think it can be. Try to take your jewelry off before you start putting on makeup.

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