Difference Between Certified and Uncertified Diamonds


Much has been written and said about the certified diamonds. It is the one of those significant prerequisites that a diamond buyer must acquaint himself with. However, there are many stores that even sells uncertified diamonds. What exactly is the difference between the two and why it is always recommended to go for certified diamonds? To the layman, there might not be any noticeable difference between certified and uncertified diamonds. However, there is a reason why the certified diamonds are more expensive than the uncertified ones.

What are certified diamonds?

Just as your school or university certificates, assess the authenticity of your degree and grades received, similarly a diamond certificate determines the quality of a diamond by a thorough inspection of the cut, carat, clarity and color. The diamond certificate provides grading for each of the 4C’s of diamond and this ensures the buyers that the diamond they are about to purchase is genuine, accurate and verified. Since a certified diamond comes with a legal paperwork which states the type and quality of the diamond, they guarantee the much needed peace of mind.

A diamond certificate is issued by a reputable laboratory the like of which includes; Gemological Institute of America (GIA), European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) and American Gem Society (AGS). The GIA certified diamonds are the widely revered, though the EGL and AGS are also very much renowned. By giving a summary of the outer and inner characteristics of the diamond, these grading laboratories make it easy for the average people to understand the 4C’s or what each characteristic of the diamond implies.

What are uncertified diamonds?

Technically, an uncertified diamond is the same as certified diamonds, though the former does not come with legal paperwork nor issues any grading information. There is nothing that can prove the quality, grade, accuracy or authenticity of the diamond. However, one can send an uncertified diamond to the diamond laboratory and get it certified.

There is a common misconception that the value of an uncertified diamond is inferior than a certified diamond. Both the diamonds may have the same value or grade, though the cost of a certified diamond is higher than the uncertified ones due to the certification cost. Since, an uncertified diamond lacks the written guarantee, there is a risk as you might end up paying more than what the actual worth of the diamond suggests.

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