Diamonds on Rose Gold – A Perfect Arrangement for an Engagement Ring

Diamonds on Rose Gold- A Perfect Arrangement for an Engagement Ring

Rose gold has been under the spotlight since last year, and this year, notwithstanding the rise of yellow gold, this variant has stood its ground. Engagement ring hunters this year will find that bit of information useful, because if you are thinking rose gold, you are fashionably correct. Diamonds on rose gold is a motif that is big at that this time, and more than anything else, it is a combination that is working great as romantic artefacts.

The Setting Options

The setting options in rose gold are open. It can be anything you want, as long as it is a fit for your design. Therefore, don’t hold back from getting carried away by your imagination. From prong to pave, bezel to basket, rose gold works with any kind of setting. Rose gold has a particular vintage feel. Anything that adheres to antiquity is preferred over others. But then again, it’s only a matter of personal taste, and don’t shy away from making yours known.

The Design Options

When it comes to rose gold, design options are practically endless. Although they all lean back towards the Art Deco Edwardian, Victorian and other nostalgic themes, the choices are quite numerous. So, when styling a rose gold ring, try going the classic and timeless way instead of picking a particularly modern design because it’s the former that finds optimal fruition on a metal like rose gold. To make the ring stand out, sprinkle it generously with white diamonds. Colored gems are good too.

The Best Shapes

The last thing that remains to be finalized is the shape of the stone. For a solitaire, this is more relevant. So far, we have seen that all brilliant cuts work great with rose gold. So, round and princess are obviously the first choices. In fancy cuts, anything which is a bit rounded than angular can be a great match for a rose gold band. Another thing to note in this respect is the practicality of choosing a shape. Take a quick look back at her current lifestyle to judge which shape of diamond should suit her best.

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