Diamonds That Have Stayed with the Queen through Her Reign

The reign of Queen Elizabeth is the longest in the history of English royally. It continued for more than 63 years. During these years, Britain has undergone a great many changes. Although her sovereignty still remains at the center of the country, much has altered around her. However, aside the royalty, there is one other thing that has been unchanging in the face of passing time. It’s her jewels. The royal jewelry collection is one of the most spectacular the world has ever seen. Today we bring to you a list of the diamonds that have stayed with the Queen through her years in the throne.

Diamonds That Have Stayed with the Queen through Her Reign

The Cullinan I in the Queen’s Scepter
This one is a gigantic 530.2 carat pear-cut diamond which is called the Cullinan I or named later as the Star of Africa. It is set in the majestic Scepter at the heart of it, with the cross on top.

The Cullinan II in the Crown
The Cullinan II which is the crown jewel is 317.4 carats and is an absurdly beautiful stone that occupies a center position at the front of the Imperial State Crown. Set against purple silk fabric and an assortment of colored gems and pearls, the Cullinan II is a spectacular fist-size diamond.

The Cullinan III and IV in the Brooch
There is hardly a brooch in this world that can surpass the royal Cullinan brooch in beauty. Decorated with two stones, the Cullinan III and IV shaped cushion and pear cut, this sparkling brooch features 157 carats of diamond, the two Cullinans collectively.

The Cullinan V in the Brooch
This ornate brooch is the favorite of the Queen, for the right reasons. It is embellished with an 18.9 carat Cullinan V with smaller diamonds accenting the sides.

The Cullinan VI and VIII in the Pendant Brooch
Another breathtaking brooch is the Pendant Brooch which features Cullinan VI and VIII, shapes into emerald and marquise cut respectively. The Cullinan VIII hangs from the bottom like a pendant.

The Cullinan VII in the Emerald Necklace
A small part of the elaborate emerald necklace, the Cullinan VII is a marquise-cut diamond which hangs from the bottom of the necklace beside a larger cabochon emerald pendant.

The Cullinan IX in the Ring
The Cullinan X appears in the royal ring, which due to the demand of wearing gloves has not been worn adequately. It is a pear-cut diamond fitted on a claw setting.

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