Diamonds; Colors That Are Out and Hot This Year

It was only some time back that the New Year arrived and it is already the end of the first half of 2016. From what looks hot and what’s not in the jewelry section this year, it appears that diamond jewels are still hot and on top. However, a few colors have come up as the chosen ones this year. Not only are the people’s faces like Heidi Klum and Khloe Kardashian flaunting them in public, they are also the choices of the larger mass. The following four colors of diamond are what making the trend this year, it appears.


Sterling Pink

Pink is dainty, and when it comes to diamond, it is definitely poetic. Pink diamond has an inherent romantic vibe about it, and that cannot be disagreed upon. They are feminine and that makes them an obvious choice in ladies jewelry. Pink diamonds are said to add a particular feminine flair to the pieces, be it a pair of danglers or solitaire engagement rings. The cut, polish and clarity of diamond add to make the picture prettier.


Warm Yellow

Yes, yellow is the color, this season. It is warm, sunny and sparkling. So, that makes it a perfect accessory in both summer and winter. This gem color is pretty unique as compared to others, even though it has an identical match with yellow sapphire. The beauty of yellow diamond stones is that they range in shades from canary yellow to a delicious orange. So, you can pick between the subtle and loud, as it suits you. In the end, the earthy look and opulent feel will always accompany with one such piece.


Rich Brown

It appears from haute couture ramps to Hollywood red carpet that women have interestingly developed a penchant for the color brown, and when diamonds come in that warm shade, how can you possibly not flaunt some. Again like yellow diamonds, the shades vary from light coffee to luxuriant chocolate. If you pervade towards the lighter side of the scale, you might even be fortunate to find light champagne colored stones, though, they are not very rife.


Classic Black

Again black has many shades. If the opaque solid stone is too much to handle, then take a look at the light gray and charcoal shades. It might as well take you a second guess to know that it’s still a variant of the sparkling white diamond that you have known all along. The black shade of diamonds were popularly used in the Baroque period, and are hence, essentially vintage.
Colored diamonds occur naturally owing to the presence of certain minerals. They are as much natural and real as the classic white ones.

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