Diamonds: A Never Ending Affair of Sparkle and Passion


Beautiful. Cherished. Rare. Jewelers and connoisseurs have sung paeans about this dazzling gemstone. Well, we can never have enough of diamonds. Every diamond sold at Valentin Magro is a phenomenal conclusion to a lifetime of passion, science, and artistry.

There is hardly anyone amongst us who can be called a diamond novice. Innumerable elaborate marketing campaigns around this gorgeous gemstone have been keeping us posted for quite a long time. However, buying a fabulous diamond is not as easy as it may seem. Spending on a diamond either as an adornment or an asset is a decision to be made intelligently. An informed choice saves you from a whole lot of needless headache and heartache in future.

Following are the frequently useful tips that will help you find a superior quality diamond without much hassle:
4Cs: The Four Cardinal Components of A Perfect Diamond
  • Cut – The significant and primary C is the cut. Maximized brilliance and pure sparkle of a diamond depends on its cut.
  • Color – Producing maximum sparkle the colorless or transparent diamonds are the most popular and common choices. However, diamonds are available in an array of colors and densities ranging from yellow, red, blue, green, and even black. Rarity and depth of shade in colored diamonds determine their price.
  • Clarity – Just like the name suggests clarity refers to the transparency of the gemstone. The visibility, number, and sizes of inclusions or inner flaws in a diamond decide its quality and subsequently the price. Rarer inclusions or blemishes mean pricier and highly prized lustrous diamonds.
  • Carat weight – Carat weight of a diamond measures its weight. When all aspects are equal, price of diamonds increases with carat weight.
Perfect Symmetry and Polish
When the facets of a diamond – tiny mirrors on the surface and within the stone – are flawlessly line up and perfectly symmetrical, light freely bounces around and reflects creating a vivid appearance. Good polish smoothens and defines the edges of these facets resulting in a highly radiant diamond.
The Varied Shapes of Diamonds
Round brilliant diamond is undoubtedly one of the most popular picks around the world. Other beautiful shapes include princess, emerald, asscher, cushion and more. Most shapes focus on creating clearer and larger facets to capture and reflect light effectively to increase fire and scintillation.
Explore the world of diamonds created for the uncompromising buyer fascinated with the finest of the world.

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