Styles of Diamond Solitaires That Make Fitting Anniversary Presents

Whether it’s your first anniversary or fifteenth, nothing can really beat a diamond solitaire ring. It does not require sparing much thoughts to come up with this idea. The imagination saved can however be invested in finding the best ring your money can buy. There are some choices of styles that are fitting to the event of wedding anniversary. You may need to explore deeper than just surfing lightly through this article, but for now, here is a made-easy for your anniversary gift shopping.


A Round-Cut Diamond Ring

There are barely a few pieces in the market that can contend the beauty of this classic piece. As it is, a round-cut diamond is a spectacle in itself. It doesn’t require no further aggrandizement. When set on a simple prong setting on a plain platinum band, it looks fascinating. If your wife has an eye for the subtle and elegant, there is nothing that can be more pleasing than this piece. It is a comfortable fit, an everyday wear and a perfect addition to any and all attires. This ring perfectly compliments any age and personality.


Solitaire with an Infinity Band

Eternity rings are in vogue these days. But, they are not exactly diamond solitaires. However, this mashup is. This one wields a sizeable piece of diamond at the heart of an infinity band. The end product is just fascinating. Pick any cut of diamond to go with an infinity band. Though round cut is my personal favorite, as is many others’, other choices include oval and princess cuts. Try to stick off roundish cuts because the shape compliments the loops and waves of infinity bands.


Bypass Band Solitaire

Last but not least, this design is a step towards a more contemporary style. This design is a perfect match for young women who like light and delicate ornaments. A bypass band is a beautiful concept in which the band breaks and branches off in the middle creating a space in between. A diamond is placed in the gap and secured by pressure setting wherein it appears that the two strands of the band is holding the diamond in place. Very classy and very modern, this one makes a delightful anniversary gift for anyone who has a contemporary choice in ornaments. Normally, this style uses a medium to small size diamonds inside a carat or so.

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