A Diamond Solitaire versus a Cluster Ring

Making your mind between a solitaire ring and a cluster ring has become increasingly difficult over time. The royalty involved with single stone rings weighs heavy on one hand, while the overwhelming aesthetic brilliance of cluster stone rings added with a pocket-friendly price tag balances the scale. So, which one would it be for you? Is aristocracy going to win over practicality or is it the other way round? You don’t have to be moneyed, nor come from a humble background to be perpetrated by this droning question. You will be surprised to learn the enormous population of buyers who find themselves caught in this dilemma.
So, for the sake of argument and analogy, let’s split the picture up for a comparable view.

Solitaire Rings:


There is a certain sophistication to the name itself and you can’t possibly get past it and look at the items beyond the shroud of that notion. Solitaire pieces arguably make some of the finest and priciest pieces in the market. Looking at more potentials of these rings, the diamond as today, will retain its worth for a very long time. Single stones stand lesser chance of slipping out of their prongs, unlike smaller stones. The stone of a solitaire ring gets noticed better because of the brilliance of the stone. The bands are often bereft of a designer’s touch but you can always have a special message engraved inside for only the two of you to enjoy.

Diamond Cluster Rings:

Standing tall in opposition are these exquisite pieces that have spun the diamond market around to invite the middle class people in. Diamond ornaments, based on the quality of stones and metal vary in price. These items were fashioned as starting range products in the diamond section that do not cost too much, but still use diamonds. But something amazing happened in the process. It turned out, that diamonds when used in clusters yield better aesthetics. Multiple stones constellated together play up the shine and shimmer. So, the buyers compromise on neither grandeur, nor glitter, except, that they now pay a lot less than solitaires cost. In the making, diamond chips and scraps that fell out of shaping bigger and costlier stones found a worthy utility.

The Verdict
So, which one makes a more favorable pick? Honestly, it comes down to one’s personal taste and pocket. Solitaires obviously retain their value till the end. They are made of standard quality stone, aesthetics of which cannot be ignored. But, if you have purse constraints at the wake of the wedding, then a cluster stone makes a more fitting purchase. It still has diamonds and the beauty of a diamond ring.

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