Diamond Shapes That Have a Distinctly Slenderizing Effect

There are tens of diamond shapes, some classic, some vintage, others more recent. With variable popularity quotient, these shapes appeal to select sections of the mass. While some shapes have takers in all age groups, there are some that are coveted by the younger generation alone, and some more favorite among the older generations. But among all these, there are some shapes that are known especially for their slenderizing effect. These shapes are loved alike by women of all ages on account of this effect. If you are in search of a diamond cut that will give your finger a boost of shape, then you should make acquaintance with these shapes.

The list of elongated cuts begins with oval cut which is bold, modern and of course slenderizing. Seen in vintage and contemporary jewelry alike, this cut is an easy standout. Slightly oblong and vividly sparkling, the oval cut is round cut stretched at the ends. Oval cut diamonds appear larger than their real carat size, but the most cherished effect they produce is that of making the finger of the wearer appear longer. It is one of the most favorite picks among women who have short or plump fingers. It gives the finger an instant longer and slender look.

Another elongated cut that is loved for its slenderizing effect is the emerald cut. This rectangular cut has many attractive elements, one of which is the quality of making fingers appear shapely and slender. It is an art deco shape which makes it a fully vintage shape. To top that, it is extremely sophisticated and glamorous. Emerald is a very popular cut in engagement rings. It is loved for its high luster and brilliance both of which make it a fitting candidate for engagement solitaire rings. Like the oval cut, it too has a size advantage.

The Marquise is the most effective slenderizing cut known to us. It is sharp, elongated and showy, all of which contribute to slimming fingers making them appear longer and thinner. If no other cut works for your finger, this one surely will.

A flirtier and more delicate cut is the pear. A cross between Marquise and round, in that it is Marquise on one end and round in another. The pear cut is extremely elegant and resembles a teardrop which is another name for it.

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