Diamond Shapes and What They Say about Their Wearers

The size of the rock is paramount when buying an engagement ring for proposal. The second most important thing which often gets overlooked is the shape of the stone. There is plenty the shape of a diamond tells about its wearer. If you thought that’s what the color of the gem does, that is only half the truth. So, here is what the shapes of diamonds say about their wearers. Find a shape that’s closest to the personality of your significant other to make sure that the engagement ring of your choosing is but a reflection of who she is.

A round diamond is for a bride who has a traditional taste and likes things that are classic than modern. She is also a very sincere person and proper in her ways and thoughts. So, if your woman is a straightforward person who is not the experimental type, then a round-cut gem best defines her.

The princess cut is for someone who is diagonally opposite to the type above. She is fun-loving, and adventurous. Traditional does not work for her until it has a distinction to it.

Buy your bride a cushion cut diamond ring if she has a taste for antique. This cut, like its wearer is distinctive. She is romantic at heart, brave and trustworthy.

An emerald cut diamond is for the girl who is a risk-taker and has an eye for different designs. She likes surprises and loves things most when they are unexpectedly good.

A beautiful cut that shot to popularity with Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, this shape is for brides who like their diamonds to have elegant shapes before everything else. An Asscher cut is for someone who is feminine and delicate in nature.

The radiant cut is popular for its sparkle and is loved by those who like things traditional. A woman who picks a radiant cut is surefooted and unwavering.

The fire and brilliance of an oval cut can be matched only by one who bears that kind of sophistication and enjoys things that are exclusively one of a kind.

The heart diamond is for a romantic bride who is burning with passion and loved with great intensity.

Pick a pear cut diamond for a girl who is peaceful and easy going.

The Marquise cut is aesthetically dramatic and is for someone who enjoys amusement and is the center of all show.

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