Diamond Rings for All Occasions: Let That Effervescent Smile Out

Bringing a bouquet of sweet smelling, color blushing long stem roses makes the most courteous gesture a man can show to his lady on a date. But, if it’s like the 100th date, then that idea must be at the point of abuse by now. Excess of anything often tends to make it monotonous. So, what can you get your girlfriend on another occasion of your anniversary or her birthday? That’s a valid question, especially when the day is going to wind up pretty soon. Well, how about a diamond ring?
You obvious have a few thoughts bubbling up in your mind with that. Well, you can try an expensive Christian Dior eau de cologne or splurge on another luxury watch, but did it occur to you that those ideas are slowly losing out on novelty?

Instead, get her a ring she can carry around all time. Here are some recommendations.

A Twist Ring Set with Princess Cut Diamonds
This one is a fine piece, courtesy, it’s very minimalistic design that is crafted with a touch of contemporary. The ring has two open ends which cross each other at the front. The difference between the top and bottom of the split bands are filled up with four princess cut diamonds. Made of white gold, this ring has a very modern design that compliments both dressy and formal garments. So, she doesn’t really have to leave it home when she heads for the nightclub with her friends or when she slips into her office wear in the morning.

A Cross-Band Eternity Ring
This ring is a blazing specimen of how dazzling a minimal design can get. The ring is curved out of two bands that sit across each other meeting at the front and back centers. One of the rows is encrusted with round cut brilliant diamond stones that are secured with the traditional claw setting. The twisting of the band makes the ring timeless in its style and appeal. Another white gold product, this stunning jewelry makes a very fine gift on all occasions, from birthdays to wedding proposals.

A Double Row Diamond Ring
A more gorgeous sample is this one. The band is thickened by splitting it into two average-size rows. Both the rows receive an equal distribution of round cut brilliant diamonds which together amount to about 1.60 carats. The ring has a width of 3.75 mm which is thicker than usual, but not really too bulky to be discarded for minimalistic office wear. The ring dazzles on all sides. However, it is evidently heavier than the other options as the white gold base only makes for the setting and the band base. The stones add mass and weight to the piece making it strikingly gorgeous of them all.

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