Diamond Rings and determining a finger size

The majority of diamond rings are used to mark engagements and weddings. Simple or extravagant, an engagement ring is a step towards a long and happy life together. Your fiancĂ© will want to show it off to their friends, colleagues, and family. No matter what style of ring the two of you choose, size matters. It’s best to take a measurement for the finger size early in the day because as we move along throughout the day, fingers can get irritated or show signs of swelling.

If you’re measuring a wrist for a bracelet, you add three quarters to a full inch to the diameter. Determining ring size isn’t as simple. For optimal fit, visit your local jeweler to ask for a fitting. To measure at home, look for an online diagram of various ring sizes to find which is best for you.

There are many things to consider when purchasing diamond jewelry, especially rings. You may have heard of a diamond’s Four C’s. The term refers to a diamond’s color, carat, clarity and cut. While the perfect stone is colorless, most jewels contain some form of color. Size of a ring or other piece of jewelry is measured in carats. Larger diamonds tend to have higher value, but other factors also affect a stone’s worth. Inclusions affect a stone’s clarity and a ring’s overall quality. Clarity characteristics may be flecks of black carbon or tiny cracks visible to to the trained eye. The way a diamond is cut has a massive influence on its ability to reflect white and prismatic light, as well as offer a balance of brilliance and shadow. Diamond engagement and wedding rings are both a financial investment as well as the start of a happy life together. Selecting a ring worthy of your relationship calls for special care.

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