Diamond Jewelry That Make Innocuous Everyday Wears


The fact that diamonds are expensive is often taken seriously and attached with conspicuousness to ideate jewelry studded with these stones. But, in reality, there are endless choices of diamond jewelry that are stylish, but not showy. They can be worn to workplace, library, college and even supermarket without looking garishly dressed. These ornaments are light, which owes big to their sleek and smart designs and mostly use cluster diamonds which makes them surprisingly inexpensive for a diamond product. To top it off, there is an unbelievably large selection of diamond jewelry for everyday wear that balance subtlety and class on a single scale.

Star Studs

Made of gold with a diamond center, these studs are small enough to be ear tops and large enough to fill the ear lobes with a silvery shine. These stars are either made of white gold or platinum by most jewelers. The stones at the center are colorless diamonds, mostly the size of a chocolate chip. Yellow gold whips up a sharper contrast between the star and the white stone.

Open-End Rings

Interestingly designed, the two ends of these rings do not meet at the center to create the circular symbol of endlessness as rings normally signify. The open ends each is attended with a diamond that is set in bezel paving. Often colored diamonds are used instead of colorless ones to flavor up the hue. Available in sterling silver, yellow gold, prim rose gold and platinum, open-end rings are often customized with a combination of birthstones.

Plaque-Front Bangles

These bangles are a mainstay in the everyday diamond collections. It is like any normal gold bangle with the front beaten flat to create a plaque. These bangles are made slender to suit the wrists of skinny women. The bangles can be worn alone or stacked with other pieces. The front plaque glistens with diamond stones that are set in rows or just randomly to slide up the brilliance of the gold.

Halo Pendants

Women love halo designs. Though they arrived as an exclusive section of rings that are heavy on their use of diamonds, the design has now started to make appearances in other kinds of jewelry, pendants for instance. A halo pendant has a single stone as the core and separated from it by a ring of platinum is a shimmering silver halo ingrained with cluster stones. This pendant often comes with loops at the back instead of top center.

Charm Bracelets

These chains are a popular favorite. They are easy to wear, lightweight, trendy and offer a glove fitting to all sizes of wrists. They come with a wide selection of charms that you can pick and custom-design your bracelet.

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