Diamond Jewelry for Your Teen Girls

If you have a teenage girl/ girls at home who takes an active interest in jewelry, don’t wait till they come of age to upgrade them to some real jewelry.  Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful, and the earlier they start, the more accomplished in terms of style and fashion before they reach their twenties. So, as a mother, one of your duties is to nudge them towards the right direction so that when they develop their own style, it’s not trinkets and rhinestone jewelry that they feel naturally inclined towards. But what in diamonds can you get your teenage daughter that will not spoil her, but help her form a sophisticated style sense? Let’s see.

Diamond Jewelry for Your Teen Girls

Diamond Studs
Start them off with a pair of diamond studs. Solitaires will be a huge step up from bead jewelry. So, don’t go there if you don’t want to. The store galleries are suffused with choices in cluster diamond studs and there’s plenty to pick from. Try to stick to the minimal and simple side of the range. There are two benefits to that. First it comes cheap, and second it helps the first timers learn to carry off diamonds.

Diamond Jewelry for Your Teen Girls

Tiny Pendants
If your teen daughter is more into necklaces and pendants, it is not an expense warning. Tiny pendants are abound in the market. It’s a style that women of all ages have come to embrace to fit their busy everyday lifestyle. Petite pendants are versatile in their aesthetics. They work great with clothes of all styles. Go trendy or casual, elite or festive, a tiny pendant can never go wrong. Sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, they come with all kinds of gemstones. So, pick whatever suits your means.

Skinny Bracelets
If you are thinking bigger jewelry, then bracelets make a fine choice. But I assume you are ready for a bigger expense because bracelets are significantly more expensive than earrings and pendants. However, there is nothing to be alarmed of as long as you stick to the start of the range where all fancy, lightweight and cost-effective pieces are. Skinny bracelets with a row of diamonds sounds like a good pick for your girl who is still in her teens. It’s delicate, sophisticated no doubt, but never excessive.

None of the items mentioned above will cost you more than what you have planned to invest on it.

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