Diamond Hoops: Why They Are Back in Fashion


Hoop earrings might definitely be unsubtle, but what are you afraid of? When you have paid for a wearable that is to accessorize your attire, why play it down. There was a time when hoops were considered hideous. It has even earned the “hoochie” tag for itself, until the market decided to do a little reputation correction. The jewelry designers launched a collection of diamond hoop earrings that are radicalizing the ladies into the hoop worship. A throwback from the flashy disco era, be plucky enough to own and sport a pair of these wonderful ornaments and write a statement right here, right now.
Okay, so if you are going into splitting the pros and cons and gauzing one against the other, here are some points you might need to add to the pros list.

Diamond Hoops Are Gorgeous: They are stunners and that is the first reason why you should buy them. Diamond hoops of all sizes and settings are available at the stores. Pick one that compliments your fashion sense. Single line or twin lines, wider hoops or sleek ones, dust of diamonds or larger stones, pick whatever you want and they will go with just about anything.

A Great Way to Get Your Face Noticed
It’s not your hairdo, nor makeup that assures a second look at your face. It’s your attitude and the hoops. Two large spectacular hoops hanging from your ears is a surefire way to summon all eyes to your face. So, even if you are not wearing your hair fancy or slathered with no makeup, you can be sure that eyes will be on your face.

They Go With Pretty Much Anything
Yes, that is right. Hoops or drop earrings go with anything. Wear a long sleeve shirt, tuck it under a pair of skin-fit jeans, step into long leather boots, hold your hair up into a casual pony tail, and what are you missing? Just a pair of hoops and you are all good to go. It is as simple as that. Now, you are heading for a party and you have this brilliant red flowy gown with the right pair of silver peep toes to accompany with. What about jewelry? Hook in a pair of shimmering loose diamonds hoops and your look is more than just complete. Now enjoy the compliments that come verbally and abstractly on the way.

An Ode to the Last Century Fashion
Fashion is always a revision of what has been. So here is finally a way to walk back in time, zero adulterations to the scene. Probably the designs changed, but the cast remains the same as was in the 90s.

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