Diamond Engagement Rings That Will Take Your Breath Away

One of the boons of technological explosion is the absolute abundance of products in the market. The jewelry industry has been a longstanding beneficiary of this advancement. The shelves of the stores are loaded heavy with options, more than the people have ever seen before. With countless choices to pick from, buyers often find themselves going from one stunning piece to another, totally spoilt to make a decision. To get your focus narrowed down to some of the most extraordinary pieces, here is a listing of some of the most astoundingly beautiful engagement rings ever.

Floating Blue Sapphire Ring
A very close replication of Kate Middleton’s heirloom engagement ring, this piece is arguably one of the most breathtaking rings to have been curved in recent times. Set with a massive round-cut blue sapphire in the middle, the ring is encompassed by a circle of diamonds that go around the sapphire and slide down the shoulders. The simplicity of this design is truly exemplary. Made of platinum, this floating blue sapphire ring is an absolutely delight to look at. There is hardly any woman’s heart that would not melt at the sight of this sparkling blue and white beauty.

Emerald and Diamond Gold Ring
Anybody with an eye for all things curious and different will love this one. Mounted with an emerald cut emerald at the center, this ring is haloed by a border of diamonds that form a wide oval around the center gem. The diamonds outside do not hold the emeralds in a perfect embrace but leave little room all around for the yellow of the gold to make a striking appearance. The green, the gold and white together conjure a visually stunning image while the platinum of the band stand to lend some extra shine and luster to the entire composition.

Diamond Swirl Ring
Buying this ring will give you an extra edge for two reasons, first the massive 4 carat round-cut diamond at the heart of the ring, and second the exclusive design that is an instant heart winner. The highlight of the ring is the perfect diamond at the heart and the gold and diamond swirl that surrounds it in an overlapping circular pattern. The ring is made of yellow gold and that has lent the extra brilliance to the end product.

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