Diamond Engagement Rings: Diversity of Cuts and Types


Your diamond engagement ring is an exquisite expression of your individual style. Classic, modern, or vintage? Effortlessly classic solitaire or an intricately detailed ring with side diamonds? Platinum, rose, yellow, or white gold? It is your personal style and nothing reflects your spirit better than your diamond engagement ring.

However, an excellent diamond engagement ring requires a substantial investment – financial as well as sentimental. Hence, before you purchase a random diamond ring for that special occasion, it is a good idea to invest in quality research about diamond engagement rings and their diversity.

Different Diamond Cuts

Hands down, the most popular diamond cut is the round brilliant. Just like the name suggests, it is a sparkling circular diamond reflecting light from its 58 lustrous facets. The round is closely followed by the brilliant square princess cut. The emerald cut is a rectangular diamond with cropped corners and stair-stepped long facets. Quite similar to the emerald is the asscher cut but with square silhouette. The radiant asscher offers unparalleled sparkle. Cross between an oval and a rectangle is the cushion cut, thus named for its unique pillow shape.

Resembling its name is the pear cut and the oval cut. The marquise with pointed ends is another variation of oval. These three unique cuts make your finger appear longer and slender. The heart-shaped diamond is also a popular choice when it comes to engagement rings.

Diverse Diamond Ring Designs

Let’s start with the classic solitaire. Elegant, timeless, and simple. The archetypal engagement ring since the 1880s, the solitaire comes with a singular dazzling center stone on a plain metal band. The remarkable central diamond can be in the traditional round or more contemporary emerald or princess cut. In a halo setting, micro-pavé diamonds in an outline of light elegantly surround and flatter the center diamond.

Engagement ring with small and medium side stones on the band complement the larger center stone in a column of brilliance. In a three-stoned engagement ring, the center stone is delicately flanked by one diamond on each side to create a splendid line up of radiant diamonds. When an engagement ring is harmonized with another adjacent diamond ring, it results in a stunningly magnificent wedding ring set.

Find a diamond engagement ring that suits your budget while realizing your style sensibilities with equal élan.

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