Diamond Dress Rings: A Fusion of Modern and Classic

Diamond dress rings are a newer entrant in the market. With people’s affordability reaching for higher limits, it is important to supply them with adequate options. One might not be affluent enough to pick a piece of diamond jewelry to go with each dress they have, but they sure can pick one for every few. Yes, diamond dress rings are particularly designed to complement dresses of all kinds. Whether you are meaning to wear a short cocktail dress or a flowing gown, the stores have just the right kind of ring to complete any look.

The Micro Pave Eternity Band
Micro paving has emerged as a common favorite in ring designs. This piece makes the right use of the beauty of this design into crafting an eternity band of a very novel model. The ring uses 107 1.3mm stones throughout. While the outer frame is entirely inlaid with round cut diamonds, there is a catch to the design. The inside ridge of the ring is beset with stones too which give the ring a rather thicker built. Now, most of you would wonder what might be the use of grafting the ring with precious diamonds in places outside the visual range. Actually, the top and bottom rims are very much visible to the onlookers; such is the design.

The Princess and Round Cut Diamond Ring
Most dress rings use one kind of cut and that has worked perfectly so far. However, the modern jewelers are a lot more experimental than that. This ring stands to testify their out-of-box ideas. This piece uses round and princess cut diamonds in classic claw settings in three different rows. The center row is fitted with princess cut diamonds which is separated from the outer lines by two platinum ridges. Outside the border, the ring holds 17 round cut diamonds on each side. The mix of round and square creates a spectacle.

Round-Cut Multi Stone Ring
If you are looking for a diamond accessory that would look great in pretty much all the fingers of your hands, then this is your pick. It is not as elaborate as the two discussed above, but is equally gorgeous in its spectacle. The platinum band has a hollow core in the front where 7 round cut diamonds sit in a rather bold profile. The stones are set in a channel claw setting which adds a difference to the look. The design has rather clean lines with almost no detailing to distract the eyes from the blinding shine of the stones.

Each of the mentioned rings go with almost all kinds of dresses. Pick a short one or a rather elegant gown, just slide one of these in to look out of the world.

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