Inside the Process Called Diamond Cutting

The process of diamond cutting is lengthier than most people know. It is a physical process and like all processes, it has stages. Broadly, the process of cutting can be divided into four steps. After a diamond passes through all the four steps, it is labelled store ready. The diamonds at a sorting plant undergoes categorization where specialists sort diamonds for jewelry and industrial purposes. Once the diamonds are separated and categorized, they are sent to the cutters. The four steps of diamond cutting are named and described below.

Cleaving and Sawing
The process of cutting begins here. At the first stage, the diamonds are broken down into smaller pieces for ease of handling and selling. Depending on the size of a diamond rough, it is disintegrated into smaller bits. This is done in two ways, with the help of a cleaver or mechanically through a laser saw. The instrument of separation is determined by the size of the rock in question.

The next stage is bruiting where diamonds are given the shape that we recognized them by. For this, a diamond is placed on the head of another and with the help of a machine, the two stones are spun rapidly. What comes out are two cone shaped diamonds. These diamonds are then forwarded to the next step which is faceting.

Faceting is an extremely important step in cutting. This is done manually and for good reasons. Expert lapidaries who also go by gem cutters are handed over a handful of diamonds. These experts, after determining the possibilities and identifying the risks get to faceting the stones. The entire process is done with hands with the use of specific tools. Lots of care is put into faceting because it is on this job that the brilliance of the diamond depends. A well faceting diamond sparkles brilliantly, while a poor faceted one does so with little brilliance. Also, this is the step where symmetry is given to each diamond. The cutters target near-perfect symmetry for all diamonds.

After faceting, the diamonds are sent to experts who inspect the diamonds and approve them before they are finished off with a chemical treatment. Those that are discarded go back to the cutters for fixing or sent off to be used in industries. The approved diamonds are dunked in a solution of sulphuric and hydrochloric acid and made to boil. This rids them of all impurities.

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