Diamond Colors That Are Topping the Popularity List This Season

Cognac diamond sunflower earringsColored diamonds have arrived in the scene only recently, but that fact doesn’t compare to the kind of interest they have sparked among the buyers. Achromatic diamonds are still precious, but considering their massive supply, they have lost their essence of rarity. Relatively, colored diamonds have come forward as one of the newest things the market has seen so far. They are pretty, dazzling, warm and vibrant. They have all the qualities a buyer would like to associate with a gemstone, and they are not as common as their colorless cousins. So, what’s there to not like?
Since their arrival, these stones have hogged up a large portion of the limelight from translucent diamonds. In no specific order, this year, the colors that are most popular among the buyers so far are:






People are warming up fast to the idea of colored diamonds, and that shows in the way they have ditched blue sapphires for blue diamonds. At least the section that can afford blue diamonds is seen to take the plunge for these precious, pretty blue pieces, ignoring all other cheaper stones, but quality choices before them. Blue diamonds are extremely rare, and that’s for real. They occur in a scant quantity around the world, a fact to which it owes its gnarly price tag, not to mention the discursive advertisement it enjoyed from the movie Titanic.


Another fancy color that has come up as one of the most favorites is gray diamonds. These pieces are very low on their opacity. They are mostly translucent with only a shadow of grayscale that conjures towards the center and scatters out on all sides creating a beautiful radiance of light and color. Fancy colored diamonds are actively used in fine and haute joaillerie around the world. They also have a vintage quality about them which makes them so spectacular.


Nobody had thought this but champagne colored diamonds are fast pedaling towards the center stage. Loved for their delightful golden tinge and brilliance, these diamonds are the upcoming stars of fine jewelry. Already, people are taking an active interest in these fine-colored gems over yellow sapphires and other equally potential choices. For this season, champagne diamonds are serving as a rich alternative to white diamonds. Their color neutrality makes them the perfect pick for most jewelry, while the light golden hue makes them highly versatile for jewelry of all kinds.

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