Diamond Colors and Their Meanings

Ever wondered what the color of your diamond means?Well, turns out, like all other gems, colors in diamonds too are significant in the symbolic sense. The color of the diamond you wear not only bears a meaning independent of the meaning of that specific color, but it also tells some things about yourself. So, let’s take a brief look at the most popular colors in which diamonds naturally occur and what they mean in terms of symbols and personalities.

Orange in diamonds is extremely rare and that makes it one of the priciest variants. Although pure orange is as rare as pearls, orange diamonds with secondary shades are abundant in nature. Not going into anything less than pure, all orange diamonds contain an element called boron which lend it its flaming orange hue. An orange diamond stands for energy and courage. Its wearer is an enthusiastic person who never hesitates going into the back of beyond of things. He/she is a risk taker and an adventurer at heart. Courage and vitality define him/her. So, if you own an orange diamond, you probably know all these about yourself. So, your orange diamond expresses who you really are.

Diamond Colors and Their Meanings

Yellow diamonds are iconic, the crown jewel of fancy colored diamonds. It is extremely popular and a hot favorite among celebs who have a rich taste in gemstones. The element nitrogen which gives brown diamonds their earthy tone gives these diamonds their sunny brightness. People who choose yellow diamonds are very positive personalities. Their characters are endowed with humility and hope. They make great friends. Speaking specifically of what a yellow diamond stands for, it stands for hope, happiness and friendship. One of the most iconic jewels known to mankind, a yellow diamond is both stylish and symbol-heavy at once.

Diamond Colors and Their Meanings

Red diamonds are so rare that there are only 30 known pieces of it in the world as of today. Pink diamonds are only a variant of red diamonds. They are symbolic of strength, power, confidence and a burning passion.

Blue diamonds are lovely. They are delicate and dainty. They represent virtues like honesty, devotion, spirituality and chastity. They also stand for truth and peace.

A black diamond is an emblem of passion, energy and action. It is a symbol of purity and the beauty of difference. A white diamond however is symbolic of cleanliness and piety.

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