Diamond Brooches You Might Have Missed Before

Brooches may sound like a thing of the past, but they are still very much around. In fact, the fashion headquarters around the world have been seen to invest a certain interest and energy in the revitalization of these fascinating fashion accessories from the past eras. So, don’t be all too surprised if you see them on hats of ramps models. Yes, the Queen of England still wears them on the lapels as a signature of royalty, but that makes it all the more inspiring for the rest of us to add a couple of these decorative pins to our collection.

Here are a few pieces that you may find interesting to add to your personal collection of jewelry.

Dragonfly Brooch
Ornaments were and are still often made in the model of things in nature. One such specimen that has come to us today is the dragonfly brooch. The beauty of a dragon fly brooch can barely be put in words. Jewelers came up with the idea of imitating a dragonfly because of the fascinating opportunity of colors it presents. Normally, dragonfly brooches feature a lot of colors, much of which is lent by gemstones. Some use enamel works to fill colors in the contours.

Valentin Magro floral broochAntique Floral Brooch
Your love for antique can finally be fulfilled if you have the pocket to afford an antique floral brooch. Vintage floral brooches are just breathtakingly beautiful. The excellency of craftsmanship of the past eras spill all over the pieces pronouncing itself in the most magnificent way. Modern industries, with all its technology and inventiveness cannot reproduce another of these pieces with so much finesse and details as the old unsung masters did. So, grab one of these while they are still available.

The Blue Swan Brooch
The blue swan brooch is a heart melting piece of work that can never be called an excess in one’s collection. Even a person who does not call himself a fan of brooches will find it difficult to turn their eyes from this incredible piece. Studded with diamonds and blue sapphire, this brooch imitates the slender curves of a swan in its true beauty. The brooch can be clipped on coat fronts and even dresses and gowns. Models have walked the ramp wearing similar brooches tucked to their hats or boots looking unbelievably stylish. So, wherever you choose to put it, you will certainly create a style statement.

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