Diamond Bracelets for a Sprinkle of Sparkle in Your Attire

Nothing lights up an attire like diamonds. All it takes is a dazzling piece of diamond jewelry and you are all glammed up for the evening. One way to glamorize your outfits is to accessorize with a shimmering diamond bracelet. Gorgeous and brilliant, these bracelets have the aesthetics to light up the night and make you the center of the party. Although diamond bracelets start and end with tennis bracelets, there is a variety in between that adds to the numerousness of the choice.

Classic Bezel-Set
The classic bezel set diamond tennis bracelet is still the most elegant pick. Set with small size diamonds cased in bezel setting and fitted end to end to create a long line of sparkle, this bracelet is a prized addition to a personal collection. It can never go wrong with any attire, be it fancy attire or casual.

Modern Claw-Set
The princess-cut claw-set bracelet is crafted specially for those who prefer modern jewelry with a hint of classic. Princess cut diamonds give the bracelet a stiff form, which makes it look like a cross between a bangle and a bracelet. That gives you the option to wear it as a bangle or a bracelet, as desired. The claw setting helps produce an uninterrupted line of sparkle which enhances its brilliance by manifold.

Timeless Diamond and Sapphire Baguettes
No two stones work together as well as diamonds and sapphires. White diamonds and blue sapphires complete each other, while flattering the other. Diamonds deepen the blue in sapphire and sapphires enhance the brilliance of diamonds. In this bracelet, these two stones are brought together in baguette cuts that produces a strong structure.

Gorgeous Triple Row
If you are looking for a bracelet which is dainty but not too light, then the triple row diamond bracelet is a great pick. Woven with three rows of gemstones, the bracelet is a lattice of gems that brightens up any outfit. Jewelers often introduce a variant of colored gem in the middle or outer rows to create a shimmering effect.

Chain Bracelet
Those who are strictly restricted to skinny bracelets have a new variety of bracelets to explore. The chain bracelet features a hair-thin chain with a diamond-loaded design at the center. Heart, angel’s eye, infinity, flower, etc. are popular choices of motifs for chain bracelets.

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