Diamond Bands: Alluring and Versatile

A diamond band is undeniably one of the most versatile and exquisite ornaments one can possess. Think brilliance, charisma, elegance, think diamond bands. In its petite yet enthralling avatar, a diamond band wonderfully complements an astonishing mélange of trends, ensembles, and moods. Flaunting a stunning diamond studded band is a foolproof idea to turn heads and start an animated and admiring conversation!

A row of exquisitely set diamonds on a stunning band is enough to make a girl swoon! Traditionally, diamond bands have been given preference as a wedding band, anniversary ring, or a mere accompaniment for the oh-so-marvelous engagement ring. However, gone are those days when we needed a celebration to surprise ourselves and our loved ones with beautiful diamond jewelry. Diamond bands are trendy and chic pieces of versatile and magnificent ornaments that need no special occasion to add brilliance and spectacle in our lives.

Metals, Diamonds, and Designs

The most commonly used metals in diamond bands are gold – white, yellow, and rose – platinum, silver, and a host of relatively newer options like palladium, tungsten, and others. Owing to the escalating popularity and classy appeal of white metals, platinum in the more expensive and white gold in the comparatively economical ends of the price spectrum have captured the fascination of connoisseurs. Commonly available in the range of 10k, 14k, and 18k, gold makes striking base metal for a diamond band. Rose gold with its infinitely pretty touch of pink has been garnering attention from all possible corners.

Well, when it comes to diamonds, the most popular and conventional preference remains the translucent, colorless ones. Nevertheless, colored counterparts of this common diamond are being increasingly included in diamond bands. Think canary yellow, pink, blue, and even amazing black diamonds, think exceptional diamond bands.

Designs! Well, you will be basically inundated with alternatives. From the basic diamond band studded with a single diamond to a band completely encircled by a selection of small diamonds. Your diamond band can have one row, two twisted rows, or even three rows. The choice depends entirely on your personal style preferences.

As an ingenious and adaptable piece of jewelry, diamond bands come in a wide and astonishing diversity of designs and silhouettes. For an aficionado, there is simply no dearth of choices.

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