Diamond Anniversary Ring Styles

Finding the Best Ring for You

It’s hard to pinpoint when people started exchanging anniversary bands. However, the tradition of gifts commemorating a wedding date goes as far back as the Roman empire. It’s also common to give diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Diamond anniversary bands is an extension of these customs.

Diamond anniversary band with round brilliant diamondsOne style of anniversary band is the guard ring. This ring has two forms. One is a slim band worn over another ring to prevent the latter from slipping off. The second has a split shank wide enough for a second band to fit inside. Both types are used as a form of anniversary ring which highlights the original wedding band. No matter which version, guard rings may be left plain or embellished.

Diamond eternity bands are set with a series of small diamonds or gemstones which surround the entire ring. These stones are typically the same size and cut, with matching clarity and color. The endless loop of jewels represents a continuous relationship. As an anniversary ring, it can be a sign of devotion. Eternity bands come in a number of diamond cuts and settings.

Three stone diamond bands, also known as trilogy or trinity rings, display three diamonds of the same cut. The jewels sit in a row, with the largest in the middle and the other two gems of coordinating size. This ring may be left plain or adorned with halos, trellises or other features. The three stones represent the past, present and future of a couple, making it ideal for engagement, wedding and anniversary bands alike.

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