Diamond Accessories for Men That You Might Have Missed Before

Diamonds in the section of men’s fashion in the last decade made its entry with great flourish. It came as sweetly surprising for men to watch the collection launch into a fanfare within a few years. Not only have the styles and designs of the wears multiplied with time, but also the varieties. Little by little, almost all fashion accessories that ever existed in this paradigm have gotten sucked up in the mills and reproduced in interesting styles and expensive materials. If you have learned enough about diamond bracelets, studs, rings and pendants for men, here are some more that you might have missed earlier.


Cuff Links: Diamond cufflinks are not exactly the oldest entrant in the galleries. A very novel idea, making diamond cuff links turned out to be one of the best decisions ever made. Yes, it gave a decisive blow to the normal steel and brass cufflinks, but the newer equivalents came to be dearly cherished in the following years. Diamond cufflinks use single as well as cluster stones. The former makes an expensive item while the latter is more within the means of affordability of all.

Money Clips: Only a man with refined and epicurean taste can justify the purchase of a diamond inlaid money clip. Call it extravagance or opulence, these money clips are sold in large numbers to people from all sects of the society. So, if you have a penchant for diamond accessories and do not have the fund for an astronomically priced diamond designer watch, then buying a money clip is an easier way to appease the craving. Money clips of many different styles are available at the stores. They come in sterling silver, gold and platinum.

Tie Clips: Tie clips are a great addition to formal outfits. They hold the sleeves of the tie in place while making a stylish appearance between the lapels of the coat. Diamond tie clips received a bombastic response from the male crowd upon their launch a few years back. The items sold like hot cakes and in some places took the jewelry market a step or two behind. A diamond tie clip makes one of the target purchases among men. Those made of sterling silver, gold and platinum have pushed the stainless steel and bronze cousins out of the frame. They mostly come beset with achromatic cluster diamonds.

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