How To Design The Engagement Ring Of Your Dreams


Congratulations on getting engaged! Sure, it’s a happy event but are you going to be satisfied at sporting an engagement ring that is commonplace? Browsing through jewelry stores might provide you with an alternative but you certainly cannot hope for something unique even there. The best way to satisfy your inner self is to go for a custom design that is totally your own.

You may have a fair idea of what your fiancée would like, if you are indeed shopping for her. A huge emerald cut engagement ring or a handful of heart shaped diamonds may be the stone you have in mind but it is the setting that will make all the difference. Trying to fashion a custom engagement ring is not about a moment’s inspiration though. You have to be prepared for a lot of hard work here too.

Do pick your sweetheart’s brains to know her taste in jewelry first. Does she love the traditional look or is she more into the modern art forms? This will certainly give you an idea of the path ahead. So, go on and be determined to give her a diamond engagement ring that she will absolutely love.
You may suddenly be entranced by a ring on the finger of a stranger at times. Do not hesitate! Simply walk up to him /her and ask about the designer or the store where it had been bought. This is a great way to make headway especially when you are hell bent on creating a customized ring for the love of your life.

You may put your feelings to words on paper and then visit a jeweler with it. This will help the jeweler to understand what you want and the engagement ring can be fashioned as closely as you want it to be. While a cluster of loose, certified diamonds that gets converted into an exceptionally beautiful engagement ring is the actual focus at the moment, do not ignore the humble wedding band either. You might as well customize a ring that looks complete when accompanied by a marriage band. Wow! Isn’t it too good to be true?
It might also be a good idea to save for a customized ring. It is definite to cost you an arm or leg especially when you have been aiming for a reputable jeweler. Do not forget to ask for certain guarantees that will help you to keep your design exclusive. That is the fun of having a custom designed ring. Good Luck!

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