Some Design Aspects That Make Jewelry Look Cheap

Some Design Aspects That Make Jewelry Look CheapHas it ever happened to you that a jewelry that had you blown away at the showroom somehow looks a lot less impressive when you bring it back home? Of course the choice of return and refund is always open, but it does demand a little reflection. If that has happened to you once or happens quite often, then you are not looking at the finer details of the design at the time of buying. Looking at an ornament as a sum of all it parts can sometimes be misleading for the imperfections do not hide themselves for long. That is all the more reason why you should avoid buying ornaments that look less than they cost.

Designs Lacking Sophistication
A charm bracelet loaded with stars and butterflies may at first seem very cute and adorable, but it will surely look like a cheap choice to many. This is not to say that you must shop to please others, but to shop your age. Childish designs are bound to come across as cheap as compared to mature and sophisticated designs. The reason why childish doesn’t go with sophistication because the two are polar opposites. So, if you are buying jewelry to wear past the mark of 30, it is best to pick something from the expensive-looking side of the collection.

Random Beads on a String
You may have seen pearl necklaces that are a single string of pearls. They have no design, nor details that apparently make them look so perfect. So, what is it then? Is it the pearls alone? Well, yes and no. Pearls look expensive, and that adds a certain weight to the ornament. But, the real trick behind the designing of a necklace is the symmetry which brings out the illusion of perfection. The pearls used are evenly sized, starting with the smallest around the shoulders to the biggest at the front. This, as opposed to a string of randomly woven pearls, looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

Danglers with a Lot of Trinkets
Now trinkets are cheap. How about a dangler that uses a cluster of stones with apparently no flow or meaning? It will look equally cheap or perhaps, more. Every design must have a flow, and it is that flow which brings a lucidity to the piece. All these may not be perceivable, but it works at a subconscious level to put together the idea of expensive in your mind.

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