Dazzle Your Beloved with a Well-Planned Proposal


You have decided to take your relationship to the next level and get engaged. The only problem – you have no clue about how to do it right! Many men face this dilemma. But it need not be so difficult. With a little thought, it can be the best proposal ever.

Here are a few pointers that would help you make the most of the time.

Decide a date. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, her birthday – you can opt for a clichéd one. Or, you can opt for a date that means something to you, as a couple. May be the day you met, or the day you first told her you loved her, or perhaps the day you first fought!

Pick the perfect ring. Heart engagement rings suit the romantic; emerald cut rings fit the elegant lady; pear-shaped diamond ring goes for the quirky female. Understand her personality, tastes, preferences, and lifestyle before you select the engagement ring.

Note: Also, learn about the 4Cs of diamonds before you go to shop.

Choose a place. Is there a place where you two have fond memories? If so, you can put on her ring there. Or, you can go someplace she has always wanted to visit. From the depths of the ocean to the top of the sky on a hot air balloon, proposals can be made anywhere.

Think of what to say. You need not rehearse anything. But you must not fumble for words while you give her the ring. Therefore, it is best to consider what you would wish to say to the special someone in your life at this extraordinary moment.

Dress correctly. Which color does she love? Which dress style suits you the most? And where do you plan to propose? These points would help you decide what to wear. Choose something you are comfortable in.

Make her feel special. It is going to be the time you remember for the rest of your life and tell about to your kids and grandkids. Make sure you figure out the best way to make her feel that she indeed is the one for you in the entire universe.

Time it right. When your girl is angry or irritated or simply tired, it may not be the best moment to propose. With gradual ease, give her time to change her mood. Time is of essence, and you need to find the perfect moment to pop the question.

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