Your Daily Diamond Care Routine

Diamonds are advertised to be sturdy and heavy-duty gems, but in reality, they are not as tough as you were led to believe. Yes, they may not develop a fracture from a bang or thud, but they do pick up scratches and chips more often than not. Knowing how expensive they are, you may use some tips to keep your diamonds safe and protected, even after a long day of use. There are some very simple things that you can do on an everyday basis to make sure that your diamonds stay young and shiny for the longest time. The following treatment is advisable for all daily wear diamond ornaments.


Take Them Off Before Going to Bed
Diamonds are hard, but the metal in which they are framed are often not. Diamond ornaments are often curved in 18k gold which is quite soft, so to speak. So, you may not want to end up in a sleep position that will strain the ornaments. You don’t want to find your precious ornaments warped and distended the first thing in the morning. It’s safe to say that your diamonds are safer in your jewelry box than with you when you are in bed.


Don’t Break a Sweat with Your Diamonds On
Diamonds are grease magnets and that’s one fact every user must pay enough heed to. Try to keep your diamonds away when you are sweating off in the gym or doing daily chores at home. Oil and sweat from the skin spread across diamond facets like a screen dimming the brilliance of the stone in a matter of an hour. Rubbing the dirt off it may prove to be detrimental, if not vain, to restore the lost shine.


Leave Them in Locker When Taking a Swim
The swimming pool is one place your diamonds must religiously avoid. The chlorine from the water can harm the stones more than you know. Not only does it diminish the brilliance of diamonds, but is also abrasive to the gem. So, leave them in your locker or a safe place before you step into the pool.


Clean Them Every Once in a While
The secret to bright and shining diamonds is regular cleaning. Wash and scrub them once every weak. Be gentle and miserly in your use of cleansers. A combination of lukewarm water and a few drops of baby shampoo serves just fine.

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