Customize Jewelry by Sun Signs

Civilizations through centuries have worshiped the sun and its planets believing them to hold the true power to design and destroy the destiny of mankind. Gemstones born at the core of the earth share the strength of the stars, they say. That is why, in astrology, each of these gemstones is said to bear the energy of each zodiac or planetary sign. Now sun sign and zodiac jewelry are not exactly the recommendations of soothsayer and stargazers in the age of science and reason. It is not so much a sign as a statement. So, if you are thinking sun sign jewelry, for luck or look, here are some ways in which you can customize them into incredibly perfect pieces.

Customize Jewelry by Sun Signs

Diamonds for Aries
Optimistic, confident and adventurous, an Aries woman loves anything that is timeless, therefore a classic. Diamond, because it is her birthstone and also because the gem contains the energy of virtue and purity that Arians are all about.

Emerald for Taurus
Intelligent and introvert, that’s what this sun sign is all about. Customize a jewelry for a Taurus woman with a design that reflects understated beauty. Muted designs with a gorgeous emerald at the center is a perfect pick for a woman who stands for hope, wisdom and faith.

Agate for Gemini
She is a fireball, lively with energy and restless, the goddess of multitasking. Therefore, for her, it better be a piece that reflects some of her electricity. Avoid everything that is old and stereotyped, for anything commonplace and ordinary is boring and mundane for her. Personalize the piece with agates for they stand for multiple facets.

Ruby for Cancer
Cancerians are warm and nurturing by nature. So, anything classic works as long as it has a shiny ruby atop. Rubies stand for unbridled love and passion.

Customize Jewelry by Sun Signs

Peridot for Leo
You have to go creative for this house, and the use of peridot only makes sense as it adds a symbolic gesture of loyalty and peace.

Sapphire for Virgo
Virgos are talented and ambitious, and are perfectionists at heart. So, you better brace up for something incredible to impress her. Add sapphires to the piece to add the meaning of trust and purity to it.

Opal for Libra
Librans are romantic. To impress a Libran woman, you need a jewelry that exhibits faultless symmetry.

For the remaining 5 sun signs, customize jewelry with citrine, topaz, garnet, amethyst and aquamarine respectively.

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