Custom Designing an Engagement Ring

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So you want to get a ring that has no copy in the market? A vintage ring is obviously the easy answer off the top of your head. On a flip side, it would alone cost you your entire wedding budget. So, the next best idea that follows the inspiration is a customized ring. What could be better than to propose with a personalized ring? Though the idea is quite perfect in itself, there are varying degrees of result this venture may lead to. If you are on the right track, which is the long track, results will be close as it is expected. Before you set out to doing this, please remember that jewelry designing is an art-turned-profession and you have to spend some serious thoughts on it, in order to get the perfect ring crafted for your beloved.

There are hundreds of providers who take such elaborate customization orders. So, when you have decided to walk this way, let’s start from the beginning.

The Metal and Its Grade
Once you have a design, vague or otherwise, in your mind, get to the details. Your jeweler would want to know what kind of metal would you be interested in. Now yellow gold is classic. Everything else is dished out by the modern market experiments. If your girl likes it the old way, then little can beat a yellow gold ring and on-the-knees style. However, if you think she might like something else too, then you have quite a few options at hand. Modern jewelry designs love white gold, platinum, and rose gold. So pick what you like. Do mention the carat or purity of the metal. If you are going to use diamonds in your ring, then your option starts from 18k and below.

Configuration of Gems
Now, since you already have a conception of a design in mind, you know which stones to use and how many. Depending on the metal you use, pick a stone that goes best. The final price will be calculated on the number of stones used. Quite interestingly, single stone rings will cost much more than multiple stone ones. That is because the lesser stones you use, the larger stones you will need.

The Band
How do you want the band to be? Most people like the embellishments to be at the center of the ring, or at best on the sides. If you want the ring to have details all over, be sure to mention that. If you cannot suggest ideas as to how you would like the band designed, the jewelers will find something suiting.

A Little Engraving
Last, but not the least, do add a little message or anything in engraving on the inside of the ring. This final touch is what makes a ring special. Go imaginative when doing this. Maybe a symbol of a heart or two, or a little line that only you two know the significance of, makes a potent entry. Some people like to engrave a special date for a constant reminder of the day.

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