Custom-Designing an Engagement Ring on a Store Website

Store bought engagement rings often fail to satisfy the tastes of customers, particularly on the point of sentimental essence. Though all rings crafted for the romantic event of proposal is done so with care and love, they often distend the sacred meaning by the stock design and mass production. In the age of customization, you now have the choice to avert the run-of-the-mill products and go DIY. Jewelers have dedicated websites to the service of customization, making it possible to complete the entire process, stage by stage from home. Two kinds of customization options are left open to the buyers- one in which they can exclusively design the ring right from scratch, another in which they can add inputs to an existing design and personalize it at will.  Regardless of which one you opt for, the process is pretty simple and same.



Upload the Design Sketch
The process originally starts from you preparing a sketch of the design you have in mind. This can be rough, but clear. The designers develop a top, profile and bottom view diagram of the design and send it back to you for approval. This pencil sketch may involve some of their inputs which would be highlighted in the image.

Choose Metals and Gemstones
From the available metals and gemstones, you will be asked to tick the ones of your choosing. Here you can pick any particular gemstone or a mix of two or more. Diamond is a mainstay in engagement rings. You can combine that with anything contrasting like emerald, ruby or blue sapphire, deciding on what the design permits. As for the metal, you can choose any one or two. For particular cases, the designer contacts the buyers for specific instructions.

Forward Specifics
You will need to share the size you want the ring made in with a couple of other specifics. For solitaires, mention the size of the diamond you would like used. For others, give them the overall carat of gemstones you’d like the ring to have and they will make the split accordingly.

Get a Preview Rendered in 3D
Once all instructions and particulars are passed on, the store representatives will send you back a 3D representation of the ring. The final product will be a mirror copy of this graphical presentation. So, make sure you are fully satisfied.

Signal to Go
Finally give them a go, and the process of crafting starts from that point onward.

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