Cushion Cut Engagement Rings – Elegant and Classy

Long before technology has given birth to the modern flawlessly round-shaped diamonds, the celebrated cushion cut helped outline a number of history’s most exquisite and well-known diamonds. For that very reason of combining class with beauty, the cushion cut diamond remains one of most sought-after and timeless diamond shapes.

Also known as ‘candlelight diamonds’ – referring to their ancient history of being measured against candlelight for their brilliance and sparkle – or ‘pillow-cut’ diamonds, the cushion cut comes in a wide repertoire of square and rectangular shapes with a varied assortment of length-to-width ratios present.


If you want to surprise your beloved with a spell of romance, charm, and brilliance, a cushion cut engagement ring blends the best of all worlds with exceptional ease. A gorgeous engagement ring with a sparkling cushion cut diamond evokes the magic of bygone Hollywood glamour even as it remains modern and contemporary.

Things to consider when buying a cushion cut engagement ring:

It is important to keep in mind that like most soft-sided fancy diamond shapes, the cut quality of a cushion cut diamond cannot be evaluated simply by the numbers – depth, table, length-width ratio, and so on. You must see the stone with your own eye to understand how it appears.

Confusions have been prevailing about cushion cut diamonds since it appeared in its modern avatar. From technical terms to a rather indistinguishable look compared to princess or round cuts – cushion cut diamonds definitely call for better understanding.

Modern cushion cuts are classified in two key categoriesStandard which follows the traditional facet plots and Modified that involves modern variations of original facet patterns. However, there is rarely any type of noticeable dissimilarity in the appearance of a cushion cut diamond whether it’s modified or standard.

Cushion cut diamonds also display two different categories of ‘looks’. Chunky Cushions have visibly defined facet structure when looked down to the table of any face-up oriented diamond. These are also known as ‘antique’ cushion cuts.

‘Crushed-Ice’ cushion diamonds have no noticeable faceting when looked through their table. All can be seen is a jumbled space of sparkle what looks somewhat like crushed-ice or broken glass.

If you want the appearance of a cushion cut, intelligent placing of a round brilliant diamond in an impeccably engineered cushion-cut bloom setting will unite the finesse of both worlds.

Breathtaking brilliance and eternal appeal of cushion cut diamonds have made cushion cut engagement rings a popular choice.

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