Read important details about the cushion cut diamond

Cushion cuts are an old fashioned type of diamond cut, popular for large amounts of the 18th and 19th centuries. Initially designed to preserve carat size, this shape is often squarish or rectangular with rounded corners. Innovations such as the round brilliant caused the cushion cut to fade out of popularity. In recent years, responding to customers seeking an uncommon look, online and brick-and-mortar retailers are offering cushion cut stones.

The cushion cut is not designed to be as fiery or as brilliant as some of the newer types, yet they stand out from round brilliants. Standards for the cushion cut vary wildly, with much of the choosing process left to a person’s taste. Some variations will be long rectangles, almost square, or possess various depth percentages, and have various sizes of tables. The cut has large open facets, making it best to choose the highest in color and clarity that you can afford. A good length to width ratio is 1.25 to 1.30.

Cushion cut loose diamonds may not be available from retail jewelers, but can be found at a wholesaler or online. They can be purchased as an investment or as the perfect type of gem for your jewelry. A four prong setting is needed if this cut of diamond is used for a ring. Sometimes, it’s hard to find this cut in smaller diamond sizes. Under one carat, it’s best to seek out and look at Asscher cut diamonds, which may better suit your purpose for a smaller stone.

A few minimum recommendations for purchasing cushion cut diamonds are that the cut be Good, the clarity VS2, and the color G. If your budget is a bit tight, then you can go below these suggestions. There is a stage at which you will have to consider how beautiful the stone looks, and this may be your stopping point. This type of diamond cut is a definite romantic standout from the commoner round type and is popular for engagement rings—either by itself or surrounded by accent stones. Since cushion cuts are so romantic, you could present it with a copy of a classic romance novel.

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