Crowning Jewelry from the Emmys

Though the world of fashion is highly dynamic, it seems okay to look back from time to time draw some ideas that you can cobble into creating something unique by yourself. Every year, the stores are flooded with jewelry designs that keep the wearers fashionable for all the days of the calendar, and then there are pieces that become fashion assets that keep their owners in style for as long as they live. The last few Emmys saw some specimens, some of which so timeless in their aesthetics and appeal, that it only makes sense to get your memory refreshed about them going forward from that day. Here are some jewelry pieces that wowed the crowd at the Emmy’s, levitating their owners from divas to demi-goddesses.

January Jones’s Flame Brooch
At the Emmy’s 2015, January Jones, the star of Mad Men turned up wearing a jade jumpsuit which was a perfect blend of sporty and sophisticated. But the highlight of her attire that night wasn’t her peppy wear or her plunging neckline, but a diamond brooch that was tucked to the waistline of her jumpsuit. The brooch, a choice pick from the Tiffany & Co.’s Schlumberger Paris Flames collection was an intricate work of art. The brooch, probably an imitation of a wildflower wore many diamonds at its center and gold needle-like petals all around.

Emma Robert’s Single Strand Lariat Diamonds
Beauty is all about subtlety. Emma Roberts takes subtlety to a new height when she appeared at the Emmy’s 2015 wearing a nude plunging neckline gown by Jenny Packham. Her very natural makeup and hairdo was completed by her choice of accessories. Emma wore a single strand diamond necklace looped in two folds. The chain, designed by Martin Katz was skinny like her own frame and had the crowd on fire.

Halle Berry’s Amethyst Earrings
Halle Berry’s fetish for colored gems is quite apparent in her choice of jewelry. Before the actress made heads turn with her very pricey emerald engagement ring, she got people swooning when she walked the Emmy’s 2014 in a lavender gown by Elie Saab and a pair of Dove teardrop earrings set with amethysts the size of your thumb. The actress dazzled the red carpet as the set of earrings glimmered from her ears drawing attention to her picture perfect jawline and exposed shoulders. All we could say from that is, someone has done a heck of a job with the designing.

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