Some Creative Ideas to Organize a Jewelry Box

Organizing a jewelry box does not require the users to turn on their imagination. It’s the accessorizing that requires it. But, like there are some fun ways to add flair to your personal style, there are some creative ways to organize that jewelry box of yours. If you are a neat freak and all in for simplicity, but likes to rearrange things in between for a little personal touch, then lend an ear. Here are some very effective ways in which you can reorganize your jewelry box from boring storage to creative display.

# Step 1
The first step is to find a nice new wooden utensil organizer. This you will easily find in your local store or on Amazon. The beauty of utensil organizers is that they come with hooks. To display out your neckpieces first of, hang them by the hooks in a way so that the designs are in plain view. This you can use to display out all your necklaces. Move to smaller section and here you have your earrings and pendants compartment. The best thing about putting your neckpieces on the hooks is that they will never be tangled, misplaced or forgotten again.

# Step 2
The next step is to find some lace strips and stick them on the inside of the box. Lace strips are a great way to stick your hoops, cufflinks and studs to. For a little vintage feel, stain them in parts with used teabags. This strip is your dedicated earring organizer. Hook all your earrings in pairs on the strip inside the box.

# Step 3
Step 3 is optional, only if you still have some free space inside the box. Do you have an empty shoe box? Voila! There you have your bracelet and watch organizer. Just throw on some nice craft papers for an extra touch and divide the space inside using cardboard slices. Put in your bracelets in pairs and watches in the different slots and you are good to go.

Did you know that your old cork board can be turned into a nice looking jewelry box? Yes, you can do that too, in case buying a utensil organizer is not an option for you at this point. Use some decorating papers, push pins and your inner creative genius to transform it into a pretty looking treasure box, and there you have your first hand-made tassel necklace and statement chain organizer.

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