Create an Everlasting Union with Diamond Eternity Bands

The startling sparkle of diamond eternity bands is meant for a love that shall last forever. A luminous circle of stunningly collated diamonds, a diamond eternity band is the ideal way to celebrate your nuptials, anniversaries, or simply the preciousness of your beloved. Crafted by the finest of artisans and with an indulgent spell of imagination, a handcrafted diamond eternity band is an eloquent choice for an aficionado who wants the exquisite piece of jewelry do all the necessary talking!

Perfect pick for a woman of substance and sophistication, diamond eternity bands offer a teeming selection of fascinating designs, shapes, and that too within a wide price bracket. Whether you are planning to surprise the love of your life with an extravagant diamond band or celebrate her uniqueness with a minimalist yet stunning eternity band, rest assured about finding the right one without compromising on the quality or price.

From spectacular complimentary pieces to show-stopping diamond rings, you will easily find the right eternity band for your special someone. Finding your favorite will be even easier if you get acquainted with the 4Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight – of diamond jewelry.

4Cs: The Four Cardinal Components of A Perfect Diamond

Cut – The significant and primary C is the cut. Maximized brilliance and pure sparkle of a diamond depends on its cut.

Color – Producing maximum sparkle the colorless or transparent diamonds are the most popular and common choices. However, diamonds are available in an array of colors and densities ranging from yellow, red, blue, green, and even black. Rarity and depth of shade in colored diamonds determine their price.

Clarity – Just like the name suggests, clarity refers to the transparency of the gemstone. The visibility, number, and sizes of inclusions or inner flaws in a diamond decide its quality and subsequently the price. Rarer inclusions or blemishes mean pricier and highly prized lustrous diamonds.

Carat weight – Carat weight of a diamond measures its weight. When all aspects are equal, price of diamonds increases with carat weight.

These four fundamental mainstays of diamond grading will help you understand the crucial aspects of a diamond.  Let a brilliant diamond eternity band add that extra spark to your special day and every day for the years to come.

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