Commonly Made Enquiries by Online Diamond Buyers

You have decided to go online to purchase your diamonds this time? That is an excellent decision, on many counts. That decision opens you to many possibilities, the first of which is deep discounts. The online inventory is enormous and with the possibility to browse endless sites all within minutes, the Internet is the best place to get your diamonds. However, as a first-time buyer, you may have some questions. These questions, in all probability coincide with that of others who like you are debuting as online jewelry buyers. So, here are the answers to some of the commonly made enquiries by online shoppers.

Are Your Diamonds Real?
That is a good question to ask, and although most big brands deal in nothing but real and natural diamonds, it is safe to ask to be completely sure. Any dealer should be happy to answer that question because in it lies the chance to assure one’s buyers and gain their confidence. If you are wondering if a product you saw online on a website is real or not, ask them directly for no other person can answer you correctly but the seller himself/herself.

Can You Size My ring?
Most sellers stock rings in a standard size, which is 7 or so, but they offer to size rings to all size starting from 4 and a half to 9. Sizing is mostly free of charge if you are buying the ring from the said seller. Resizing may however cost you, if only nominally.

Is This Product in Stock?
This again is a good question to ask and can be answered precisely by the seller alone. Some products, despite being featured on the catalog and flagged as available are actually out of stock. Checking with them will confirm their availability, or lack thereof.

What Is Your Return Policy?
The return policies of providers vary from one to another. While some have very flexible and agreeable policies, others are rigid and orthodox in theirs. It is always wise to check with your seller about their specific policies before you make the purchase.

Do I Get Any Sort of Guarantee for This Product?
Most sellers offer some kind of guarantee on their products, ranging from nominal repair work within the first few days to free servicing for a year. One-year replacement guarantee is a big bonus that you may be lucky enough to find if you are shopping for your jewelry online.

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