Colored Stone and Diamond Rings

As beautiful as diamonds are, some people prefer color on their rings. There is an abundance of colored gemstones on the market, though many of them don’t have the brilliance or fire of a diamond. Rings mounted with both diamonds and colored stones bring the best attributes of both stones to a design. Sometimes they find their way onto engagement rings, such as Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Some people add colored stones to their diamond engagement rings in order to stand out from others. Others are inspired by trends and celebrities, such as the aforementioned Princess Diana, to add color as well as brilliance to their rings. Still more couples add their birthstones to their diamond engagement rings, bringing a custom touch. Popular designs include a colored gemstone surrounded by a diamond halo, or diamond side stones flanking a colorful central stone.

For people who enjoy halos, round brilliant cut diamonds or pave set diamonds are good at adding brightness while baguette diamonds add luster rather than internal brilliance. It should also be noted that they may be better at bordering square or rectangular jewels rather than curved ones. As for diamond side stones, pear cut diamonds and marquise cut diamonds are popular choices due to their unusual shapes. Those looking for diamond rings have and endless array of designs to choose from.

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